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Conveniently located 1/2 mile East of the stadium at Rentschler Field - use exit 58 off I-84

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2012 Century Farm Award
Jim & Honora Futtner, honored recipients of the 2012 Century Farm Award, pictured here with daughters Maggie & Carrie, along with Steve Reviczky, CT Commissioner of Agriculture.
Jim has always been involved in farming. His great-grandparents came from Italy in the late 1800ís and bought land Ďout in the countryí in East Hartford in the early 1900ís. The family raised potatoes & tobacco in the beginning and later raised wholesale carrots & cabbage. Jim worked on the farm from the time he was seven and always felt a part of it. The farm, then called Futtner Brothers, was run by Jimís father Ray and uncles Lou and Blacey. In the mid 1960ís they expanded the business to include a variety of vegetables for retail and wholesale. Thatís when the stand on Silver Lane was born. All of Jimís family members made various contributions of time and effort. The flower business was added in the 1970ís after Jim graduated from UConnís College of Agriculture and entered the business officially. Eventually, the older men retired and Jim took on his wife, Honora, as a partner in the business. Honora came from an ordinary suburban background, worked as a registered nurse for a few years and learned about farming as she went along. She has been active in the business since 1981 & is in charge of the retail aspect. Jim & Honoraís four children have played active roles on the farm and in the stand since they were little. They all still lend us a hand when they can. Now the youngest, Maggie, still actively works for the business There are 3 grandchildren who visit regularly and take an active interest in assisting with tomato harvest & eating the fruits of their labor. The tractor rides with Grandpa are a highlight of their day.

Futtner's Family Farm is run year round, and the winter months are certainly no exception. As the stand doors close to the public for the season in October, the behind-the-scenes magic really takes off! Our skeleton crew works together in a nurturing environment to make the upcoming Spring Season better than ever. The stand yard is cleaned, the plastic mulch & tomato stakes are picked up from the farm, the greenhouses swept out; everything from our plants to supplies get tucked in to endure the chilling temperatures we endure here in Connecticut. Jim does most of the equipment repairs and maintenance, a huge job considering most of it is old and has been heavily used.

The "off-season" is when we deal with many different companies for purchasing all kinds of plant containers, seeds, plants, labels & the equipment it takes to get everything ready for the upcoming season. There is seeding of perennials, vegetables and annuals that will later be transplanted into packs and pots when they are large enough. We take great pride in the design and preparation of our patio pots, hanging baskets and other delightful treats.

We make an effort to provide the home gardener with essential information in the display area for the spring season. The labels in most of the packs and pots indicate whether they go in sun or shade, and other planting information. In the herb area, we have signs that indicate how the particular herbs are used. The vegetable and perennial signs give much specific information also about planting, height of the plants and use. All of this information is specific to the particular varieties that we grow. We do the research and make the signs over the winter. Also, we try to keep the herbs and perennials in alphabetical order (mostly by Latin name because some plants have numerous common names) so they can be found easily.

(L Ė R) daughter-in-law Deb, son Joe, Gov. Malloy, 3 daughters: Maggie, Carrie & Elaine, (front) grandsons Jimmy & Chris

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Maggie & Jimís brother Rob

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